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We are in the shopping center with Dominos and Due West Pharmacy    

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Kimberly started in October 2005 as a senior technician, and was then invited to became a co-owner with Linda in July 2014. She is now a co-owner with Emily. Kimberly was born and raised in Georgia and started early with her technical skills by building her own telephone at age 9 and helping multiple family members program their VCRs.  She earned a degree in Computer Engineering Technology and has her A+ certification. She is always working to learn new skills. In doing so, she expanded her expertise into cell phone repair, which enabled the opening of the mobile services division of That Computer Chick in 2011. Her technical background is strong in all areas of repair, both hardware, software and networking. Kimberly has solid customer service skills, and is able to communicate technical information to customers in a language that can be grasped by any customer.  

Emily is the daughter of the founder, Linda.  She became a co-owner with Kimberly in September 2015, upon Linda's retirement.  She has had the privilege of being around computers her whole life, and learned how to use them from an early age. In her teen years, Emily became an employee at the shop as a receptionist and junior technician. She moved away for a bit, got married, and returned to work in the shop in 2011. She worked her way up from junior technician to senior technician by 2013, and became the afternoon shift manager. Emily has a solid background in both computer software and hardware repair, as well as mobile phone repair. She has excellent customer service skills, and has the ability to put customers at ease very quickly. She is tallented in speaking in terms our customers are able to understand.



Linda retired due to health issues in August 2015. She created That Computer Chick, LLC in January 2003, because she felt there was a need in the market for a specialty in residential and small business computer repair. What started out as a way to earn a bit of extra money to pay a bill turned into much more.  She opened her first shop in West Cobb in April 2005, sold a franchise in 2006 in Smyrna (now closed), and opened another shop in East Cobb in 2007, which she sold in 2010 to an employee (now closed). Linda was raised in the Silicon Valley in California, and computers were not just fascinating to her, they were a part of her life since 1978. She learned very quickly, and was able to earn great skills by paying attention to what she was learning, and understood how to help others. In June 2013, Linda was struck with a movement and brain disorder, and although she continued to try to work, her body and mind were too damaged to continue. She is very happy to know the work she started in 2003 is able to continue in the very good hands of her dear friend and daughter. Emily and Kimberly have known each other since Kimberly was hired, and they have always had an excellent working relationship.