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We have 3 different ways to meet your needs. Check out each option below!

-In-store appointments: These one-on-one appointments are conducted right in our office.

-Remote appointments: We access and control your computer, remotely. Worried? Don’t be! We will walk you through the process, and each session is completely secure, utilizing a one-time code to access your device.

-On-site appointments: We bring the magic to you on this one and meet you at your home or office. How convenient, right?

To see which is the right fit for you, please call our office at 770-218-1228 or email us at support@thatcomputerchick.com to schedule an appointment today!

*Please note that we do not allow same-day cancelations or “no-shows”. All cancelations must be requested a full business day prior to your appointment. To cancel an appointment, you must call our office during our posted hours and have a TCC representative confirm and approve your cancelation. Any appointment not canceled within our guidelines, will result in you being charged our minimum appointment fee.

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